This area is one of the most important pillars of the IAP Elhadisa INC
where the company has a dedicated team to organize publicity campaigns and exhibitions and festivals and events through a detailed and specialized study in this area. This section has achieved various successes in a variety of fields.

The company has a dedicated team to organize publicity campaigns through a detailed study of the quality of the declared target of the advertisement code and the appropriate timing of the declaration and category are presented through the Organization of steps whether this campaign was a short period of time or a long time. Where this team oversees the organization and processing of special reports the extent of success of the campaign.

As well as IAP Elhadisa INC owns a specialized team in organizing various exhibitions where they are studying the exhibition site, area and how to exploit that space optimized to achieve the desired purpose of it taking into account the way the style of presentation and get a distinct aesthetic form draws the attention of viewers.

In addition to the presence of a special task force to organize meetings, conferences and various festivals.

• Manage and organize public and private conferences.

• Contribute to the establishment of charity events.

• organize events and activities for global companies.

• Design, implementation and organization of exhibitions of different types and forms.

• organization and management of exhibitions of local and international companies.

• Design and implementation of the special unit width (Special Booth).