IAP Elhadisa INC has a group of talented designers who know how to deal with a larger number of different design programs, which led to the existence of a huge amount of various designs to suit all tastes.
This make IAP Elhadisa INC specialized in produce (books – Filaarat – catalogs – brochures – posters – various cans – paintings propaganda).

 The most important sections of the company where the company that owns a group of talented professionals in this regard the interest of the company to implement various business as required. Given the variety of work areas in this section it has been divided into several internal workshops, namely
.Printing workshop*
.Workshop silkscreen printing*

.The metal workshop*
Acrylic and plastic workshop  which are the first of its kind in theTaif city

 it specializes in the production of many forms of shields that fit all needs of the client as well as various plastic business