Our Services

We try to provide services that help customers to develop in various fields such as: * Marketing * Design, printing and production * Organize fairs and festivals * Design and programming websites
Fairs and Festivals organizing

This area is one of the most important pillars of the IAP Elhadisa INC
where the company has a dedicated team to organize publicity campaigns and exhibitions and festivals and events through a detailed and specialized study in this area. This section has achieved various successes in a variety of fields.

The company has a dedicated team to organize publicity campaigns through a detailed study of the quality of the declared target of the advertisement code and the appropriate timing of the declaration and category are presented through the Organization of steps whether this campaign was a short period of time or a long time. Where this team oversees the organization and processing of special reports the extent of success of the campaign.

As well as IAP Elhadisa INC owns a specialized team in organizing various exhibitions where they are studying the exhibition site, area and how to exploit that space optimized to achieve the desired purpose of it taking into account the way the style of presentation and get a distinct aesthetic form draws the attention of viewers.

In addition to the presence of a special task force to organize meetings, conferences and various festivals.

• Manage and organize public and private conferences.

• Contribute to the establishment of charity events.

• organize events and activities for global companies.

• Design, implementation and organization of exhibitions of different types and forms.

• organization and management of exhibitions of local and international companies.

• Design and implementation of the special unit width (Special Booth).

Design and programming websites

IAP Elhadisa INC offers programming and Web design service using the latest design software and programming languages, and evidenced by the customers who have been providing the service to them to the fullest and best execution and less expensive.
List of our services in the design and development of sites:
– Interface Design professional sites.
– Special programming coded for each site in the hands of Mbermgina.
– Commercials design.
– Blogs design.

Design, printing and production

IAP Elhadisa INC has a group of talented designers who know how to deal with a larger number of different design programs, which led to the existence of a huge amount of various designs to suit all tastes.
This make IAP Elhadisa INC specialized in produce (books – Filaarat – catalogs – brochures – posters – various cans – paintings propaganda).

 The most important sections of the company where the company that owns a group of talented professionals in this regard the interest of the company to implement various business as required. Given the variety of work areas in this section it has been divided into several internal workshops, namely
.Printing workshop*
.Workshop silkscreen printing*

.The metal workshop*
Acrylic and plastic workshop  which are the first of its kind in theTaif city

 it specializes in the production of many forms of shields that fit all needs of the client as well as various plastic business


  Because of the  great progress in  the tremendous development in the field of advertising IAP Elhadisa INC  company created a new division to support this development, which function as a separate marketing department supports the idea of advertising and marketing campaigns.  this section is equipped human efficiently at a higher level are interested in studying the product or its marketing target of the project and to study the market situation and the appropriate marketing plan for him.This section has been developed to include marketing various products and educational courses and commercial projects _such as markets trade
And it has had a good effect in supporting the company’s business from the publicity and advertising

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